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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Entrepreneurs Can Bend Reality to Create Success

Strap in. This will be a journey. If you are reading this, you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, coach or healthy skeptic. All are welcome at the lavish feast at Dr. Rob’s table.

I’ll start with a very powerful framing sentence:

Your life is a result of your choices.

Read that again.

It’s ALL because of your decisions, choices, and alliances.
Your home. Your relationship. Your job. Your education. Your income. Your day to day. Your fitness. Your BFFs.

ALL are derived from your choices.

That being said, if you are dissatisfied with an aspect of your life, you can rethink your choices towards it to a better outcome. Think of it as re-rolling the dice.

Your universe is comprised of YOUR CHOICES

Now let’s apply this to the entrepreneurial platform. Entrepreneurs fundamentally don’t change. There are three things that are keeping them from their greatest levels of success in the early years.




Luckily for you guys, I teach strategies for all three. This will be one of the most valuable articles you will ever read. I don’t say that to brag, I say it because I’m going to hand you a $2k strategy to BEND YOUR BUSINESS REALITY.

Why? Because I am a trusted figure in advanced business coaching and I am grateful to my audience, clients and friends. We all deserve to find a gold nugget in the middle of the week. Without further ado, here are three solutions to these areas.

Problem: Fear is keeping you from attracting wealth/approaching influencers/being open about your business

Desired Result: To be able to FREELY do what I want without my subconscious injecting fear/hesitation/IMAGINED outcomes into my mind

Reality Changing Action: On a piece of paper, write down these sentences and then either a T or F for true/false.

I am scared to reach out to rich/famous influencers

I am afraid my family will make fun of my business

I am terrified that people will judge me

I am scared of making money

My ideas/business will never be successful

Once you have done this, for anything you marked T, write down the WORST thing that could happen.

Guess what? None of it is that life shattering. Someone makes fun of you, a product or program launch gets low sales or you have a few people make shitty comments.

Who cares? THAT SHOULD NOT AFFECT YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Now that you have isolated your fears. I want you to RECOGNIZE and imagine them locked in a cage. They can no longer affect you UNLESS YOU LET THEM OUT OF THE CAGE.

Next: Exposure

Entrepreneurs will have to realize that they need exposure in several aspects to grow their business. I have been on TV, radio and 15+ podcasts because of what I am about to teach you. 

Problem: No one knows about you

Desired Result: People are DYING to talk to you, to collaborate, to feature you, to buy from you

Reality Changing Action: You need RESULTS BASED ACTIONS to create your own celebrity. Here are a few of my best strategies

Start with Desired Result and work backwards

HUGE FB PRESENCE---grow FB friends list to 3k minimum—have FB friends post about you—post in FB groups—contact people using Messenger with personal greetings

POPULAR FB GROUP—freebies OFTEN—promote members—ask friends to recruit for group—offer contests—share link on Linkedin and Twitter

LOCAL EXPOSURE—post in FB groups in your area—attend Meetup groups—get on local podcasts
Next: Productivity

Problem: You are wasting time that could be devoted to business. Easily distracted and letting people suck away time. Not enough hours in day

Desired Result: A SUPERCHARGED day in which my goals are outlined, allies chosen, weekly tasks defined and distractions mitigated

Reality Changing Action: Declare ONE day of excellence just to test this out. The night before you go to bed, write down what you want to achieve in your DOE. Then write down your general weekly goals (1-3). Remember that weekly goals are general and daily tasks are specific. For your DOE, you will NOT:

Engage in political discussions
Watch Reality TV or Sports
Read celebrity gossip
Let ANYONE burst in on FB messenger unless its business related (whatever wonderfully cute thing their baby or cat did today can wait)


Recruit powerful allies for your tribe/inner circle
Recruit for your FB group
Think of media sources you can appear on
Research FB groups to post in that create max impact
Personally reach out to 3-5 new friends on FB and introduce yourself
Recruit an influencer with a 3:1 value proposition (you offer 3x services for any favors asked)
Do a self analysis and find out what areas your business rates “weak” in. Its either income/exposure/fear/or quality of goods/services. Be honest with yourself and seek out experts to help.

That wraps up the Dr. Strange Business Challenge. By committing to these actions, you will DIRECTLY influence your business and sway reality into your favor.

If you liked this content, I have a new challenge for you. I want to work with you. I’d love to teach you my BEST content/tactics and strategies to help you get noticed, attract new clients, build a power team and more!

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As always, wishing you the best,

Dr. Rob 

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