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Monday, December 26, 2016

How to NOT Get Ripped Off When Buying Life Coaching

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Life coaching can be a great investment. The industry itself has grown by huge numbers in the last decade as popular top tier coaches inspire with their lifestyles and wealth. But there is a downside. Due to low barriers of entry, a very small percentage of low impact frauds have infiltrated the industry and are causing harm to the very perception of everyone that is a life or performance coach .

This post isnt to call anyone out .I'm too classy for that, and lawsuits are expensive. I'm going to do THREE things.

1. Reveal the shady shit that is going on so you can educate yourself before losing thousands.

2. Give you a five point diagnostic system for coach evaluation.

3. Make you an offer that will AMAZE you with its awesomeness (no, its not a free puppy).

Popular Scams

Coaching essentially comes in two forms:

1. You hire someone to teach you how to BE a coach

2. You hire someone to teach you a skill

Here are some of the ways that the frauds are stealing your money:

1. Lie and Bail - Coach posts in Facebook groups about how much money they are making and how great their lifestyle is. Client signs up. Coach immediately blocks them after payment, refuses refund and moves to next mark. (The SAME person has ripped off 7 of my friends this way)

2. Bait and Switch - Coach promises  how they can give YOU a luxury lifestyle, financial freedom, blah blah blah. When you sign up for their membership site, the content is written at a 7th grade level with very general advice that doesn't help you do a damn thing. Refunds are purposely VERY difficult to achieve.

3. Pay to Play - "Guru" pays a high visibility business podcast's "Make Me Famous" fee. Lies about earnings and continues to coach despite hundreds of consumer complaints about poor quality of content.

4. Empty Promises - Coach promises specific results and has either NO experience in field or NO techniques to help client grow their business. When threatened with refund, coach pulls their head out of their ass and promises to return calls on time, pay attention to client or you know, EARN THEIR FEE. This one pisses me off the most because its very common today.

Now that you have seen what is going on out there, you realize how important it is to SCREEN anyone before investing your hard earned money into them. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, checking price against Blue Book prices, and asking friends about what they think, right? RIGHT?

So why in the hell are you plunking down money because of what some coach TELLS you? That's like walking on the car lot and buying the FIRST car the dealer suggests.

Does that sound smart to you?

5 Point Diagnostic Before Hiring a Coach:

1. Google the coach to see what pops up. Combine their name and "scam". This will at least let you see if there are complaints, FTC actions, possible criminal background etc.

2. Find someone that has hired them and HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THEM. Ask about the experience, any negatives and their overall results from working with the coach. Testimonials can and WILL be faked by the duplicitous.

3. If you are purchasing training, do they have content you can review? There is NOTHING worse than dropping 4k and finding out this person lifted everything from Jack Canfield.

4. Do they have credibility like news appearances, contributions in their field, appearance on a variety of media?

5. Do they ask questions about YOUR goals during discovery calls, or do they just try and get a sale as quickly as possible?

Amazing and Awesome Offer

You read this post because you are interested in coaching. You clearly want someone that can help you be more successful or guide you to life success.

I can absolutely get you there.

I'm a high school dropout from a bad family thats now an Ed.D, keynote speaker, 8 time author, and magazine owner.

Google Blue Dragon Rob Garcia.

That's the level of exposure I can help someone gain. My network is formidable and helps me to develop HIGH level strategies to make you more money, get more sales, and be better at ANYTHING.

I give a FREE discovery call to make sure that I'm the right guy for the job. Then we discuss what strategies are best for your goals. No money is ever exchanged until I have a plan mapped out with timelines, milestones and appropriate tactics.

In ten years of coaching I have never been asked for a refund. I'm very proud of that because it means my clients have purchased VALUE.

So if you are ready to move forward in 2017 with some AMAZING programs and training, find me on Facebook:

or email:

If you arent ready to invest just yet, I ALWAYS offer free general advice. You deserve abundance, we all do. Contact me if I can help you with anything in business or life.

Dr. Rob

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