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Thursday, December 29, 2016

How I Achieved 500 Percent Productivity and How You Can Too...............

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If you are reading this, you are CLEARLY a new friend. I have 26 subscribers as I write this. That will change today (Dec 29). The Tipping Point has been achieved. But that's another story.

To set the stage, I have been on a two week spree of INSANE growth. I have been waking up after sleeping for four hours and doing 12-15 hour days like nothing. Its pretty exciting when you see the results of 12 years of work finally. So sleeping four hours and waking up at 1230am to do this is not really unusual. The results WERE and that's why you are here.

The Situation:
I am an expert in speed learning/productivity. In order to gain proof of concept with my tribe, I wanted to conduct an experiment that would show people what habits multiply productivity and which ones MURDER it. Hence, the "Dr. Rob Hell Day Challenge."

The Rules:
Wake up naturally and complete a 16 task checklist by 6pm. The tasks are to be completed within an hour each and the entire thing has been designed for the following ratio:

76% tasks that create a PS (possible sale)
24% tasks that create E (exposure for my performance coaching, current 2 week business boot camp and my magazine SHIFT Advanced Life Design) SHIFT Magazine SuperCoach Issue Link

I decided to throw in a few challenges as well to see how they would add fun. You know, easy stuff like write an E-book from scratch, design it, and create the landing page and start selling it......DURING THE TRIAL. Throw in 2 free coaching calls I offered in the middle and it got interesting.
Checklist or "Why I don't have a girlfriend"

The Experience
My eyes pop awake at 12:30 am. DAMN. I have to follow through. I swing out of bed and take a cold shower. Remember when the cops sprayed down Rambo with that ice cold firehose water and he beat up 6 of them, fought off a 200 man National Guard Unit single-handedly and blew up a town? Ice cold water generates testosterone and puts your body in survival mode. For those new friends reading this, I take cold showers 7 days a week. 
Bad Idea

0130 - Sit down in front of computer. First post to Facebook. First task due at 0300. Stark Industries shirt selected because I AM TONY STARK. Minus the models, sports cars, mansion, self esteem, a mother's love etc..........
Oh You Poor Ignorant Bastard

0230 - This is AWESOME, coffee is kicking in and I'm going to KICK ASS. AMERICA!!!!

0400 - First video up. How to Balance a 9-5 and Your Side Hustle Plus Freebie 

0600 - I am blacking out and typing much slower. By this time I have written two posts, and made a custom video for a biz group. Still on task.

0630-0700 - Cheat nap. I sleep like I just ate a bowl of Valium flavored applesauce.

0900 - So delirious that I mix up days in my private Facebook group, First 30 ELITE. No one notices. I have stepped into a warp of the space time continuum and honestly think its a different day.

1100 - Going strong, tasks done on time. Fascinated with friends on FB that can devote 4 hours a day to arguing about Trump, pit bulls, Monsanto, things that they have no control of. 

1330 - First coaching call. Runs a little long, I am 1.5 hours ahead in my tasks so I allow it. Client tells me she got four sales the day after a strategy call. I am VERY happy. 

1500 - Have now made two videos, a blog post, several targeted FB posts and given away 3 freebies.

1600 - Power nap. Have a scary dream about cars driving backwards.

1630 - Second call. Start thinking about E-book concept while talking to client with AMAZING story.

1700 - Still working on E-book. Slightly behind schedule. Choose a pic for cover that will INFURIATE my graphic designer friends who let me know I have the design skills of a person fighting severe drug issues and possible Parkinson's. I start to tremble knowing I HAVE TO DESIGN THE DAMN LANDING PAGE, link to E-junkie and then do connection tests to make sure its working.

1730 - Third video created and posted. "Diagramming for Business" 

1800 - Time is up. Not finished, I'm going to ride this out. My clients deserve a coach that never effiin quits. 

1930 - Post E-book to Facebook and private group with a cryptic message telling them to expect a GREAT story in the morning.

The Results:

26 Possible Sale Events from Postings 

8 Exposure Events from Postings

Made posts in SIXTEEN Facebook groups

2 content videos created on the spot and posted

1 blog post created on the spot and posted

2 coaching calls completed

1 Productivity based E-book written, designed, and published to landing page PLUS delivery system completed 

Nikki Scroggins did NOT make this cover and I'm sure she will hate it. Sorry.
Ill never stop being a fancy girl with my covers.  

5 freebies given away

BONUS: Creation of an awesome Excel sheet that lets you type in your desired annual income and 
automatically breaks it into monthly, weekly, and daily totals so you can set your sales goals (available on yesterday's blog post if you want it)

BONUS: Creation of a ten point business diagnostic checklist that is ALREADY changing the game for my clients

BONUS: Created reference sheet of Facebook groups in niche, number of members

Lessons Learned: 

1. Checklist with TIMED taskers is essential and creates sense of urgency.

2. Prepare checklist the NIGHT before.

3. First ten minutes awake, walk around and think. Then take notes and adjust checklist.

4. Stricter time requirements are needed for client calls, overlap affects progress on harder tasks

5. Mitigating dead end Messenger convos is CRUCIAL. No I don't want to hear about your cat, Random Friend that has a lot spare time.

6. Action based results helped out a lot. Thinking about the WHY was huge. Thanks Simon Sinek.

7. If one easy task was done early, start tough task early.

8. Posting a premade video saves a TON of time.

9. E-book plus landing page took 2.5 hours.

10. Phone is biggest distractor with texts and noises, keep upside down, vibrate off to get things done.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I love teaching people how to be more efficient. Despite my efforts to get some rest today (Thursday, Dec 29th), I got up at 4am and completed THIS:

3 stage business diagnostic used to create exposure and maximum profits

The outline for this blog

My three tier system for categorizing what tier a business is operating in

The formula for strong business health

Tasker list for today 4/15 complete plus 4 calls

Results of self diagnostic of my business

I'm still amazed I failed out of high school and two colleges. 

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Till next time!!

Dr. Rob

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