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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Five FREE Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Ahead

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Today's blog post is exciting. I gathered a lot of resources from my own business practice and am going to hook you up with the ESSENTIAL tools for working at a much higher level. I'll explain what each one does, its rationale and how to best use it. I'm excited for you because once you start using these things, you will see a HUGE change within a week. My results have been unbelievable since assembling these items. How unbelievable?

1. Income and Reverse Breakdown Generator

Description: The IRBG is a great tool for comparing your desired income vs sales performance. You just write down your sales goal for the year and it helps you break down to month, week, and day goals. VERY useful for lighting the fire on slow income days. 

Rationale: The IRBG is more than just creating an income goal, which is a bare minimum requirement for serious entrepreneurs. Its a way to tell EXACTLY how much money you should be earning every day to reach your goals

What's that you say? "Dr. Rob, I don't have an IRBG and I'm getting carpal tunnel from using the calculator obsessively to run these numbers."

I did something REALLY nice for you. Something so nice you should buy me coffee today. 

Type in your desired yearly goal and BOOM!! All done. 

2. List of Prospects

Description: Your list of prospects are people that have emailed or private messaged you on social media about your services. This list is VITAL because you can start building the rapport even if they are not in a position to buy immediately. A loyal customer will turn back to you when they are ready to purchase if you build a strong enough bond. 

Rationale: Your LOP can be a GREAT strategy if you have to meet a last minute sales goal. Check in with them and see if you can close a sale by offering a small discount or freebie if they didnt purchase initially.

3. Current Projects

Description: A current projects display is a figure that shows all active projects, timeline, and next logical step towards completion.

Rationale: Your current projects display will keep you reminded about deadlines and the next step can help you when deciding on daily taskers. This is best done on a dry erase board.

4. Media and Speaking Schedule

Description: This is a VITAL tool for keeping track of your PR appointments.

Rationale: Your media and speaking schedule keep you in the spotlight increasing your visibility and earning you potential new paying clients EVERY appearance. Here is one example of how to create one: 

5. Daily Schedule

Description: Your daily schedule is used to both delegate taskers and to keep track of social media posts. 

Rationale: The schedule helps you to remember what groups you need to post in, keeps you balanced, and gives you an easy to use template for posts. It can also be used to compile influencers that you can partner up with. 


So there you have it. Five tools that can help you get organized, keep track of your sales goals, locate your prospects, and more. If you need a SERIOUS boost to creating an organized system, I offer strategy calls that have a valuable multi tiered approach:

1. 20 minute free pre-qualifying call to make sure I'm the best candidate for you before you pay
2. A custom 10 point business diagnostic that alerts you to weak areas in your business
3. My new E-Book The Next Level which has 16 ways to speed learn ANYTHING plus 5 celeb interviews
4. A one month power strategy for your business augmenting your areas for improvement
5. Assistance designing YOUR custom daily scheduler. 

All this with your one hour call. Email me at to set up your FREE 20 minute pre-qualifying call. - Dr. Rob 

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