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Thursday, April 21, 2016

3 GREAT Things We Can Learn From Prince

We lost an icon today. Prince was one of the most talented and versatile performers in musical history. He was literally at the level of Madonna, Springsteen or Michael Jackson.

If you tried to explain Prince to someone in 1984, it was just, well..................different.

"Yeah, he's a short black man dressed in white ruffled pirate shirts, a purple crushed velvet jacket and high heeled boots riding a purple motorcycle around Minneapolis.............and playing rock."

The universal appeal of Prince was that he represented all of us that felt alienated by society. Purple Rain hit SUCH a chord with most people because it was about his struggle as a musician while enduring an abusive family situation and resistance from everyone around him.

As his fame grew, he changed his look, he evolved, but he was still in essence, the same guy we all loved and adored. A musical genius that never got too arrogant, that still LOVED performing and reaching out to fans.

Here are three things I LOVED about Prince.

1. He Walked His Own Path

Prince never let the opinions of others sway what he was going to do. He set out to write sexy, intriguing music that captivated people. He took huge risks including changing his name and leaving a major record label. He never doubted himself because he realized a fundamental truth. His true fans would follow him NO MATTER WHAT. The critics would complain as usual, and Prince would just ride his motorcycle up Sunset laughing in the wind. 

2. He EMBRACED His Creativity

Prince experimented with many musical sounds. "Let's Go Crazy" sounds VERY different from "7."
Prince wasn't scared to write songs about deep intense love and passion and ballads then turn around and write something SHOCKING like "P Control" or a party jam like "1999."

3. He Kept His Humility

I have to be really honest. I never met Prince. But I heard plenty of stories. He would embrace his Jehovah's Witness roots and go door knocking to try and save others. He would show up in a dimly lit club unannounced in Hollywood and play for hours. He would have meaningful and deep conversations with fans. He kept it together and despite being larger than life, never became arrogant or brash. 

I loved Prince. I always will. Because he's a part of all of us. We will always have Purple Rain, his amazing albums and some very odd posters. We should all try and emulate him by being bold, by taking chances and going out of our way to be..................... abundant.

Thanks guys, do me a favor and share this post if you love Prince. Let's keep his memory alive.

Dr. Rob. 

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