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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Reverse Engineering Failure and Turning it Into Success

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We have all been there as entrepreneurs. That "OMG, my fears are TAKING OVER MY MIND" moment. 

"OMG, My guidance counselor was right"

It's perfectly normal. We all hit that point where the stupid ass comments from friends and family get in our head:

"Why don't you just get a 9 to 5?"

"You do WHAT?"

"That's ok for a hobby, I guess"

I hit this moment two weeks ago. I had several projects that were coming up, I had a LONG string of failed launches to draw from and I seriously considered just searching for a job and quitting my dreams of being a top life coach in San Diego. 

Here is how I kicked that shit right in the face. I went to Starbucks and wrote down my top five fears. The exact mental scripts that were causing anxiety. Then I wrote down what the scenario ACTUALLY looks like. I'll share the results at the bottom of this post. 


1. My new book, The Next Level: Supercharged, will flop BADLY. 

Rationale of Fear: My last 7 books had low sales, barely any media, and are self published. I am on a failure train headed to homelessville. 

Reverse Engineering to Success: My teen book, Teen Juggernaut GOT ME ON THE NEWS. My original version of the Next Level helped a guy learn Mandarin Chinese, who went on to hire me for a year. My book Charter X has helped me CRUSH when pitching schools. Just because they aren't well known books doesn't mean that clients don't LOVE them. Great writer/bad marketer. I can live with that.

2. My online digital product store, Genius Lab, will tank. 

Rationale of Fear: After being laid off from my day job, I spent WEEKS creating well designed PDFs teaching everything from weight loss to speed learning. I hired professional  graphic designers to make them and set up an automated system for payment. Zero sales. Not one. 

Reverse Engineering to Success: How many Facebook ads have you run? Zero. How many times have you promoted Genius Lab when speaking? None. How many mass email campaigns have you run in support of it? None. They cant buy if they don't see it

3. There isn't much interest in Blue Dragon.

Rationale of Fear: My company has been around for ten years. We have yet to have a high profit year. Its not a good company, I should see if Wendy's is hiring because I suck as a life coach. 

Reverse Engineering to Success: Since being on my own with no day job (3 months), I have been on radio four times, have been on two podcasts, and have had 4 speaking engagements, I wrote a book, created a magazine in just over a month with 10 writers around the country, released a clothing line, signed up for affiliate marketing, and redid both my website and blog. I am having days of 200% productivity and my clients are amazed at what I am teaching them. 

4. Schools don't care about my educational consulting services.

Rationale of Fear: No schools return my voicemails, faculty is always in meetings, and I cant just show up at a school site. Its impossible to make money as an ed consultant. 

Reverse Engineering to Success: I wrote down the results of the last seven schools that I dealt with, 

School 1 had me speak 3 times and brief staff, plus hired me for a student Pre ASVAB prep
School 2 booked me for three gigs this summer
School 3 brought me in for two lectures
School 4 had me give 2 seminars
School 5 immediately wanted a follow up and a possible permanent consultant job
School 6 had me give a seminar
School 7 offered me a partner radio gig, MY OWN SATELLITE SCHOOL and free marketing


5. My online magazine for life coaches, SHIFT, will go nowhere. 

Rationale of Fear: Just like all my projects, SHIFT is a stupid idea and will get possibly 10 readers. (friends and sympathetic family members)

Reverse Engineering to Success: Um, don't you have the support of one of the top podcasters in the COUNTRY helping you? (Can't mention him but he's known for lighting a FIRE). You have a potential audience of vets, coaches, and business owners, PLUS THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE> Its going to be AWESOME!!! 

So there you have it, A DEADLY effective method of assuaging your fears and building up your self confidence. Oh, and I promised you results:

1. By changing my school strategy, I connected with three huge influencers and got follow up meetings that strongly look like future contracts.

2. By using my books as promotional items, I had three speaking engagements, THIS WEEK ALONE.

3. The magazine is getting very close to being done. It will change the game for life coaching resources. 

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