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Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Get Your Green Lightsaber in 2016

*NOTE* This is my first blog post of 2016. Its going to be BRUTAL, slightly profane, and REALLY honest. If you are a crybaby that's offended by words/actions/air you may want to leave. 

For those of you that can handle the honest ramblings of a seasoned life coach, this may be the best goddamn performance article you read all year. 

Can't wait for Disney lawyers to see this shit and
throw me in the Rancor Cave
Welcome to 2016. 3 days in. Have you quit the gym yet? Are you thinking that your resolutions are too much already? For new readers, I'm Dr. Rob Garcia, an advanced life design coach. In the last 9 weeks, my life has been completely upheaved, tossed about, and has hit a level of reality that is nearly Matrix-like. Let's revisit, shall we?

Aug 14-Oct 3rd - Deployed to South Korea for annual tour. North Korea started shooting artillery at large speaker system near DMZ, claiming offense "propaganda broadcasts." (Bullshit, South Korea recently discovered Fetty Wap and 300 decibels of "Trap Queen" would make anyone start blasting. I'm getting mad just thinking about it.) Volunteered to stay. Air Force rewards me by paying me with the swiftness of a Kardashian reading Shakespeare.

Oct 4th - Return to America, instead of taking time off I go to work the next day. Say what you will about me, I believe strongly in setting an example. Two days later, I am attending Air Force drill on that weekend. I again, do not take time off to acclimate.

Oct 12th - Meet civilian boss division manager who assures me that despite company layoffs, no one will be let go until after the new year.

Oct 22nd - Get a phone call to HR. Spider Sense tingling lightly but with zero indicators of trouble recently and compliments from coworkers on projects, I happily head downstairs. 

HR guy who is noticeably nervous tells me that effective THAT SECOND, I am no longer an employee. I cannot even go back to my desk. I am to surrender my badge, and am walked to my car like a goddamn parolee getting on the bus to my post-Shawshank apartment. 

I drive home, laughing like a crazy, maniacal person. Facebook goes crazy once I make the announcement. Friends act like I just announced cancer. No. I just GOT RID OF CANCER. 

I hated that job. 2.5 years and every single day was boredom, staring out the window and dreaming, and listening to engineers say, "eating healthy today huh?" because apparently I am the last man in San Diego that knows how to cook his own lunch. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for employment. 

I. Just. Didn't. Fit. In.

430 am beach runs

not eating until 11am every day

block long walks on my breaks

reading EVERY SINGLE DAY at lunch

not going to lunch at fast food places with overweight coworkers

obsessively diagramming notes and charts on graph paper involving my Blue Dragon projects and ideas, then taking them home

business success podcasts for HOURS at a time

I know some of you are reading this and thinking, "well, you probably had it coming, you ADD piece of shit"

I was 3 months ahead on my work. I figured out a way to fast track my projects, work for one hour, then spend 7 hours mentally creating my life coaching empire. Seriously, some Tim Ferriss shit right there. 

Instead of rewarding me, I was turned down for my request to transfer to contracts. I was denied a monthly raise, and was told that I wouldn't see any type of permanent position for YEARS. Yet they gave me 5 chapters to be in charge of, plus I was completely in charge of training new people. 

Is it any wonder why Corporate America is creating soulless zombies that hate their lives? I have six degrees. I have more education than anyone in the building, and nearly ANYONE IN MANAGEMENT, yet I'm thrown out for being effective. 

Fast forward. For nine weeks, I have worked from home. The results speak for themselves:

*Created a complete online university that is self automated and can produce income 24/7 with no further effort except promotions

*Three radio appearances, 2 podcast appearances, and one more on the way

*Created a monthly format for a friend's digital magazine and wrote six articles in a day, plus created a small clothing line

*Created ANOTHER clothing line for my life coaching company and figured out how to become an affiliate with 4 huge companies, including one that sells brain drugs (clapping hands)

*Completely reformatted this blog, and my website

*Scored 3 high tier interviews with SERIOUSLY successful people

*Figured out the process for creating high design, top level digital modules that I can have produced for $20 and sell for $40-$300 in UNLIMITED QUANTITIES

*Joined 4 business groups on Facebook essentially placing myself in a group of 10,500 potential mentors/friends/clients

*Decided to start my own life coaching magazine. In 2 days, had a staff of nine, the layouts for three months, a list of sponsors to pitch, and a media kit to send out

*Took on 3 life coaches in training for free

Dec 27th - The Air Force gets off their ass and pays me. I have been nickel and diming it for weeks. I nearly burst out crying. 

The point of this list is not to brag about how oh-so-fucking smart Rob is. 

The point is to show you that there are actions and habits that can make ANYONE perform at a much higher level of achievement. 

I will now share these with you. 

Time management

*Walk away from sports if you are serious about your success. The Chargers fucking suck this year, they will suck next year, and they will suck when they stab you in the back and move to LA. The fact that you spent four hours on a Sunday, dressed like a douche, screaming at a TV, shows that you have found the best possible fast track to Type 2 diabetes and zero accomplishments in life (don't write me and tell me how great sports are, for my lifestyle they offer nothing except obesity, lowered mental thought, and frivolous time wasting)

*Reduce extraneous online dating. I am on 7 dating sites. I'm not some Mega-Player, I just want the widest possible net to actually find a great woman. Once I turned off all dating notifications on my phone and stopped girls from engaging in 35 minute text inquiries, my productivity shot through the roof

*When you are working on something flip your phone over. You don't need an electronic distraction


*Make a to-do list every morning, preferably with coffee. STICK TO IT.

*You can save HOURS every week by cooking your food Sunday night and learning how to quick fold and categorize laundry. Have your lunch pre-made and use Tupperware and a cooler. 

Fitness Management

*Bringing your own lunch will control your portion sizes and caloric intake. Look around at your slothy coworkers that are horking down pastries and bagels and then going into a white flour coma at 1pm. These are the same people that wonder why they haven't been able to manage their weight in decades.

*I have been saying the same goddamn thing for EIGHT YEARS. The human body treats white flour like poison. It is not part of our diets. Once the British gave the Aboriginees white flour and breads as payment for work, the Abs developed diabetes, obesity, and heart disease for the first time ever in history. This is not an isolated incident. If you are serious about weight loss and keeping your health, only eat flour once a week. This means avoid pasta, bread, cookies, desserts, muffins and bagels. I reverse engineered six diets, and created my own Skinny Dragon diet plan. Want some fucking proof? This was me before and after Skinny Dragon. 

(Before Skinny Dragon) Roughly 222 of beefy goodness

(After Skinny Dragon) 196 pounds

(Skinny Dragon plus Intermittent Fasting plus compound lifting) 232 pounds

If I can do this, ANYONE can. I have awful genetics, but by incorporating a highly researched and logical plan like Skinny Dragon, and doing cardio 3-5 times a week, I found a system that works. 


Skinny Dragon is only $12.99. If you are tired of being mistaken for a resident of Wisconsin, it's worth the money. 

Wealth Creation

Due to innovations in technology, people have now mastered how to create income from air. No, I am not on PCP. With a small amount of research, ANYONE can use free programs and software to create money systems. It ASTOUNDS me how many people are just too thick headed or programmed to learn this stuff. When I have a very nice car, I'll take this blog down and charge people to read it. There is only so much charity that I give to the unwilling.

You can have a free blog on or wordpress

You can become an affiliate at GNC, Amazon, Fitbit, Onnit, or Beachbody and SELL THEIR PRODUCTS off your blog or website. When someone buys, you get 15-30%

You can create and self publish books on and get royalty checks in the mail

You can become an expert on ANYTHING without a degree and call yourself a consultant and charge $50 an hour. If your next statement is, "Rob, I don't know how to teach myself something fast", today is your lucky day. In four days of concentrated learning, you can pretty much pick a topic, get proficient, create some products, and find paying clients. 

Buy This Here

You can then use to create e-books and marketing materials.

Create Your Tribe

This is BY FAR the best thing I have ever done for fast change. I have completely renovated the system by which people are allowed in my life.


*Business Owners
*High Aptitude/Savants
*Big Fish


*Perpetual Victims/Drama Queens
*Ungrateful Parasites
*Business Partners That Disappear/Don't Pull Their Weight

When you find someone on the "YES" list, GIVE THEM THREE TIMES what you ask of them. Solve their problems, make their lives better. You will be SHOCKED how well this works. 

Information Management

This is the last tip and it's HUGE.

*Stop reading celebrity gossip. It's worthless. The Kardashians will be just as worthless months from now and you will still be poor and desperately hoping they give you an emotional fix. Use your time better

*Read books. NOT electronic books or digital articles. Find books that are highly effective and build a library. E books are ok, but not consistent. You need something tangible to learn from

*When you find a valuable piece of information that is sellable or can bring big value to someone, take notes in evernote, take a pic of it, anything just so you can remember and come back to it. 

Read this twice:


Do you really think I'm some kind of super genius, sitting in my house, creating an empire like Dr. Evil?


I just read a lot, and place a value rating on information. When I see something amazing, I bookmark it, add it to other sources, create my own original product off that information, and then sell it. 

That last statement could be the difference between you creating a multi million dollar empire vs. working at some shitty job for some ungrateful dipshit that you hate. It's the reason I get checks in the mail for doing nothing. It's the reason I get payments as an Amazon affiliate. 

The three components of unlimited wealth from THIN FUCKING AIR are:

1. Leveraging free resources/websites/programs and joining them together like Voltron

2. Creating 4-10 income streams

3. Surrounding yourself with high value people that genuinely help you

My magazine, SHIFT, launches January 18th. It will be my ascension into the next level of life coaching success. What are YOU going to do to create your empire? 

As always, if you need help building it, I love to help others create dreams. 

In Solidarity,


Making my family proud. 

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