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Friday, January 22, 2016

4 Reasons Why Common Core is Worse Than ISIS

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Q. What’s the difference between Common Core and ISIS?

A. One is a destructive ideology created by fundamentalist zealots that want to destroy the foundation of America.

The other is a terrorist group in the Middle East.

I have tried to be really objective about Common Core. I have read both sides of the argument, watched videos with both positive and negative slants, and have even bought Common Core workbooks so that I could see it used firsthand.

 My determination remains the same:

Common Core is an utterly worthless educational platform that will create a domino effect of failure in America’s schools.

 I am not some crackpot that thinks he’s the next Arne Duncan because he saw an education report on Fox News. I am a former high school teacher that ran an Academy of Engineering and taught business classes at the college level. I have a Doctorate in Education and have written 7 books on advanced life development.

More importantly, my 9th grade report card was straight Ds and Fs. I failed out of high school in 12th grade. I can honestly say that if we had Common Core, I would have easily failed in 7th grade instead.

  I would probably be washing dishes in a bowling alley today, having never launched        my own company, appearing on TV, radio, and podcasts, and starting my own magazine.        Common Core is marvelously effective at getting students and parents to hate learning.

 Without further ado, here is my take on why Common Core is a far bigger threat to            America than the largest purchaser of white Toyotas in Syria known as ISIS.

 1. We have a plan to neutralize ISIS, but not for Common Core

Despite what most political pundits will tell you, our armed forces have taken massive steps in eliminating the ISIS threat. Our Green Berets are training indigenous forces to rise up against terrorism, the CIA is conducting joint air strikes against ISIS controlled strongholds, and Intel specialists from all branches of service are constantly tracking the movement of ISIS forces.

We are actively pursuing military options to rid the world of the existence of ISIS forever. 

Common Core has no plan in site for its pending elimination. 

Textbook and educational software companies continue to get rich off of our schools mandatory and expensive implementation. Administrators continue to tout it as an amazing gateway to “expansive and critical thought.” The Dept of Education refuses to admit that possibly, JUST POSSIBLY, it could be the biggest failure in educational policy since the infamous No Child Left Behind. Remember that bag of crap? The infamous promise that by 2014, ALL students would test “proficient” in math and English?

Well it didn’t quite go that way. An article from the NPR website sums it up best: “According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the "Nation's Report Card," "proficiency" rates last year were below 50 percent for every racial and ethnic group, in both reading and math, in both 4th and 8th grade. The exceptions? Asians, in all subjects (51-64 percent) and whites in 4th grade math only (54 percent).”

That’s a lot of kids left behind. Well, unless you’re Asian, but I’m not going there. People are a bit sensitive these days, even when you say they are good at math.

Since no one is stepping up and saying, “COMMON CORE IS GARBAGE AND I AM NOT STANDING FOR IT” I will. I have started a petition to have the Obama Adminstration repeal it. This is how progress is made. I have YET to talk to one parent, student, or teacher that supports this plan. It is 100 percent hated across the board.

You can sign it here.

 2. Isis has a minimal impact on America, Common Core will have a HUGE impact on America

In the last 10 years, domestic terrorism has claimed roughly 71 lives. 71. That’s a horrible loss of life, but in comparison, lightning kills 47 people every year. Compare that with Common Core which has infiltrated 40 states like cancer with its indecipherable problems, crying children that can’t understand why the hell 3x5 = 15 is now wrong, and parents that are already at the end of their patience.

Common Core left unchecked, will add to our embarrassingly high dropout rate, increase the academic divide for minorities and females, AND CREATE FOUR TIMES AS MUCH WORK FOR STUDENTS.

Think I am joking? Watch this video. It’s infuriating.

You wonder why high school students despise school? This is a great reason why.

 3. ISIS opposes higher education for females. Common Core DECIMATES the value of higher education for females

One thing that ISIS really hates is females going to school. They go out of their way to make sure that women are strongly dissuaded from attending institutions of higher learning through intimidation, scare tactics, or strongly written letters.

Common Core takes it one step further by TRAINING FEMALES HOW TO HAVE A MISMATCHED AND WORTHLESS EDUCATION. Before Gloria Allred calls again, here is what I mean. The stats for women pursuing degrees in STEM fields are hardly encouraging. This graphic from the Washington Post shows that over a 10 year span, the rate of completion for women in STEM degree programs dropped across EVERY field. the notorious 80/20 divide for Engineering degrees still lingers as well.

How does Common Core factor into this information? With its implementation, MORE girls will be dissuaded from taking math based courses. This in turn diverts them into lesser paying, menial careers that hinder them from reaching their full potential.

Women are already choosing fields that pay less than men, complete more Master’s degrees overall, but outside of Nursing, do not nearly go into as many math based careers. Consider this data from

Most Popular Bachelor’s Degrees for Men

Total number of Bachelor’s Degrees earned by Men (2011-’12): 685,381

# of Degrees

% of Total

Business Administration and Management






Biology/Biological Sciences



Political Science and Government















Mechanical Engineering



Marketing/Marketing Management



Most Popular Bachelor’s Degrees for Women

Total number of Bachelor’s Degrees earned by Women (2011-’12): 915,986

# of Degrees

% of Total




Business Administration and Management



Nursing (RN,ASN,BSN,MSN)



Elementary Education and Teaching



Biology/Biological Sciences



English Language and Literature






Communication Studies/Speech Communication






Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies



You can clearly see that women choose to pursue education in fields that are more “social” in nature. Men choose fields that are more analytical. From a qualitative standpoint, I personally witnessed this as a 9th grade Engineering teacher. The girls didn’t find Engineering fun because:

  1. They thought it was “nerdy.”
  2. They didn’t know any young female engineers.
  3. Their fathers didn’t want them to go to college, they wanted them to get married and have kids by 19. (I’m dead serious on this one. It was heart breaking.)
  4. They thought the math would be too hard and they were intimidated.

Now I want to share something that the dean of a college told me that hit me harder than an elbow from Macho Man Randy Savage.

Common Core is not used in college math.

Common Core is used in middle school and high school math


What the heck happens when Common Core trained female students that gutted out their math classes get to college and EVERY METHOD THEY LEARNED is useless in college?


 4. ISIS creates jobs for our troops. Common Core has ZERO real world relevance

Because of the emergence of ISIS and other nutcase groups, America has a strong demand for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen. This in turn also creates a demand for security personnel, contractors, and intelligence specialists at the
“alphabet companies”, CIA, NSA, FBI, DOD. So in a way, every time those idiots release a beheading video, America responds by creating jobs, prosperity, and exporting what we dominate at: Freedom.

This is why they hate us. Because America is awesome. 

 Common Core has absolutely zero real world relevance. This alone should TERRIFY every person in America. There is NOT ONE RECORDED INSTANCE where someone has used Common Core in any natural work based scenario. There is ZERO need to further diagram and expand number theory. There is NO JOB in which you figure out how to estimate how many triangles fit into a rectangle. (I know there will be one mouth breather that will write and say, “Hey man, I’m a carpenter and I have to estimate carpet samples, jerk”) Awesome. Congrats on being the .0001 percent that actually can use this in a meaningful fashion.

You know how you learn carpentry estimating? BECOMING A CARPENTER AND DOING ESTIMATING. The entire high school population in America does not need to learn this.  

In summary, there are 3 very flimsy reasons that Common Core supporters use to justify its existence:

  1. It promotes school standardization across the United States.
So did state-run education in Communist Russia. I don’t think that worked out well, either. Communist Core has got to go.

  1. It teaches students deeper level of thought and deconstruction of math problems.
So can creatively written math problems that incorporate actual things that students will see in the real world (video games, Facebook, race cars, pirates, computers, movies). Why does every Common Core math problem have to read like an accounting manual from 1947?

This is a lesson plan I created in 20 minutes covering the
same material . It's fun  and interesting.
No wonder I was laid off from teaching.
This is an actual Common Core Workbook on Circle Theory.
Great if you have trouble sleeping. 

  1. Common Core prepares students for real life.
HA HA HA HA HA. Oh, you are being serious. I think I explained above that Common Core has NO relevance to a student’s future career, whether they are a CEO, lawyer, or a hot dog vendor on 42nd St.

So there you have it. My take on why Common Core is a black hole of worthless pedagogical theory. Feel free to sign the petition if you agree. If you support Common Core and want to tell me about how wonderful it is, feel free to write a long, detailed diatribe in the comments section. After I am done openly mocking you, I’ll hit that wonderful “delete” button so you cannot expose others to your silliness.

PS: I am available for hire as one of the awesomest educational consultants in the country. Hit me up at for details. I have these really weird ideas that learning should be fun and engaging. Crazy, huh?

Dr. Rob

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