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Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to Create a LIMITLESS Life for 2016

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2016 is rapidly approaching. With it, the inevitable New Year’s resolutions, or as I like to call them “January’s Lies.”

New Year’s Resolutions are as worthless as cat shit under a couch. Think about it. Do you even REMEMBER 2015’s resolutions? Did you write them down, follow them? Create lasting and memorable change? I didn’t think so.

Most people hold onto these fantasies like some kind of sick affirmation of desperate hope. Just like Princess Leah begging for mercy on Alderaan, most resolutions will get blasted to bits, not by the Death Star, but by the Four Horseman of Shitty Lives:

Bad Eating Habits

Ineffective Exercise Plan

Improperly Creating a Goal Achievement Plan

Inability to Create Sacrifice for Long Term Reward

As long as people still adhere to these four tenets, I will continue to have an amazing career as a life coach. It’s not that people are deliberately being ineffective, its that they are trying to do something that they have VERY little practice at. I have been a life coach for over a decade. I have developed the most cutting edge methods of powerful life change known to modern America.

You wouldn’t try to fix a broken water pipe, repair a car engine, or set up your computer network without formal training right? It would be a mess unless you knew what you were doing. But when people make their New Year’s resolutions, they don’t have the experience, determination, or method of delivery to properly create a lasting change.

I suck at graphic design. I have had no training and everything I design looks like I have a serious neurological disorder or drug addiction. I learned to sub-contract to pros. If you truly want to get ahead in 2016, sub-contract your life plan to Dr. Rob. I have a LONG list of success stories and results, plus I’m kinda funny.

I woke up at 0445 today, ran 8 miles at the beach, THEN worked out. That co joined with intermittent fasting created these results:

*A leaner, trimmer appearance
*Maximum cognitive processing
*Good mood
*Lowered chance of Type 2 diabetes due to hormonal reset/lowered insulin resistance
*MUCH better interactions with people today including the *LADIES*

These are the lifestyle tips I pass on to maximize your happiness and life.

Without further hyperbole, here are the three most direct ways to do something amazing with your life in 2016:

Make a Massive Life Upheaval – The fastest way to create new change is to create a new YOU. Some ways you can achieve this:

IMAGE There is no better way to perpetuate a new you than to literally reshape who you are. Look at what you want to change, think about what your ideal persona would be and ACT.

*Fast Weight Loss

*Put on 15 Pounds of Lean Muscle

*Buy a New Wardrobe That is Fitted to Your Body Type

*Put on 15 Pounds of Bulk Muscle

*Adopt 5 New Ways to Achieve Confidence With Others

CREATE SIDE INCOME – Passive income has never been easier. With sites allowing self publishing, graphic design and Itunes, you can become a new entrepreneur in days.

*Write A Book

*Create a Blog

*Start a Podcast

*Start a New Business

*Write a Song

*Get a Speaking Gig

*Start Consulting

ASSEMBLE AN A-TEAM – You are the culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If these people look like extras from Sons of Anarchy, there might be a reason that you aren’t reaching your life goals. You need people that have three things: 1. A supportive/encouraging attitude, 2. A high degree of intelligence or a high aptitude at something, 3. A life free of drama/excessive self imposed misfortune

*Attend Higher Class Events

*Join a Professional’s Group using

*Ask Friends Who the Smartest People They Know Are

*Find High Value Old Friends Using Social Media

*Attend Seminars

*Take a New Class

*Find the Richest Part of Town, Dress Nice, and Talk to People

Hopefully, you have seen some ideas that interest you. I wanted to make a guide that was easy to use, but got you thinking about what you really want in 2016.

There’s just one last thing………….

What if there was a way to get a hold of the most powerful guide that I have ever written? Literally the road map that changed my life?  That got me on TV? That gave me the tips to go from a high school dropout to 6 degreed PhD?

What if I told you that for FIVE DAYS ONLY, I am selling $550 worth of content at a HUGE DISCOUNT
as a way of giving back and starting your New Year right?

My newest E-Book "Make 2016 Your Bitch" could give you the BEST YEAR YOU HAVE EVER HAD.

Included in this module:

*A complete body modification guide to building muscle, losing weight, or naturally augmenting muscle groups

*My exclusive guide to unlocking the genius portion of your brain

*My Basic Skinny Dragon Guide that helped me finally beat adult obesity

*10 SPECIFIC ways to create side income

*3 Ways to Speed Learn ANYTHING

*A mini guide to starting your own business in five days

*The complete government database listing every apprenticeship in AMERICA

*My exclusive guide to creating a 200% productivity day

This guide is on sale for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Then it goes back to full price. If you truly want change in your life that is created by a six degreed PhD and professional life coach, you CANNOT afford to miss this opportunity. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Superhuman Learning...A Guide to Access It

Happy Friday Blue Dragon Readers! I hope you have been productive and working hard. Today's blog is going to be on Superhuman Learning....yes it exists, and yes it can be accessed.

I can already hear some of you, "Does this involve crystals, man?"

"Hey maaaaan, tonight we will dance with the
pagans in Old Man Bernstein's pasture"
I am happy to say, no Moonbeam, it involves several techniques that are proven and easy to implement. Let's talk about fast learning and why it's important. Fast learners outwork their peers, can accomplish things in a much faster time and can power through goals quickly to have high rates of productivity. How do I know all this?

I come from a low income background. Everyone in my family is on drugs or in jail. My 9th grade report card was Ds and Fs. At 17, I was about to join a gang. I had zero hope and was headed to jail or a minimum wage life.

Today I have been on TV, radio, and podcasts. I have published  7 books, and used certain techniques to DESTROY my previous productivity roadblocks. I am living proof that these techniques are effective, easy to use, and affordable.

These techniques can be used for many things, here are a few suggestions:

*learning a language fast

*improving athletic performance

*expanding your business

*learning an unfamiliar technique (for me, I recently learned to reprogram DOS to play my favorite old school video game Ultima plus I learned about how to use sales funnels)

*improving job or military performance

*writing academic papers at BLAZING speed

*becoming better at dating

Evidence of Comprehension
So lets talk about what our goals are for superhuman learning and work backwards. A person that is proficient in these techniques will have three things:

1. Elevated comprehension - they can explain their chosen subject using unique terminology. They can make a diagram from memory explaining the process and they can instruct a group about the technique

2. They will possess a demonstrate-able method of application. All this means is that they will be able to play an instrument, recite poetry, do an equation or show off a new dance. They just need a medium of delivery

3. They have an experience either reciting, performing or otherwise LIVING the skill they learned. Life experience is a great way to build confidence at something.

The Neutropic Factor
The first thing I would suggest is the introduction of neutropics into your life. These safe and affordable drugs are healthy, effective and have clinical research supporting their effectiveness.

Alphabrain is the best neutropic I have found so far. It reduces brain fog and helps me access high order thought. Its REALLY good before a run. You can get it at a discount here:

I have identified 15 methods of fast learning techniques that can be used to quickly close your learning curve at a new endeavor. Guess what I found out?

They can stack.

Why is this important? Because by using a few techniques to learn the same thing, your level of learning multiplies.

Think of this burger as one medium of learning, like reading a book:

Now this is what a multiple stack of learning looks like:

So what are some of the actions you can take that support the 15 techniques?

*draw a diagram

*find an expert

*ask questions to yourself about how you view mastery of the topic

*pattern after someone in that field

Another technique that people are swearing by? Scented oil or candles. No really. There are even studies showing increased comprehension in children by using scents during learning time: scents in adolescent learning

So bust out that yankee candle, buy some peppermint oil and you are on your way!

Now that we have discussed stacks and actions, what if I told you that a new exciting product has just been completed that not only explains 4 of the 15 techniques, but also shows a real life example? My newest module, How to Speed Learn ANYTHING is the FASTEST way to learn these techniques and isolate your highest state of learning.

If you are ready to accelerate your learning, this is your best way of doing it:

Click to Purchase How to Speed Learn Anything Module

This is Blue Dragon University's newest online module. If you're serious about superhuman learning, this module can be your express ticket to mastery.

Well learners, that's it for this week. I hope this was a good entry into the world of high tier thinking. Remember to subscribe at the top, if you like the post, share it.

Dr. Rob

Friday, December 4, 2015

Four Ways That Fitness Professionals Can Make Side Income...

I am lucky enough to live in San Diego. We have a huge fitness community and a wide variety of activities available. As Operations Manager of Fitness Inked Magazine, one thing I do is to help fitness professionals expand their empire and earning potential. 

You may be making income from training people, but why aren't you making passive income from doing nearly nothing?

You worked hard to build up your brand. You created your programs and slowly started to accumulate clients. So why not quadruple your income using your business venture as a launching platform? Here are four ways to do this:

1. Use Your Website to Host Affiliates

It amazes me that everyone isn't doing this. I had my affiliates set up in one day. Basically you partner up with a larger company and promote their products on your site. When someone visits your site, clicks their link and buys something, YOU get a commission. How awesome is that? Here are some sites you can use:






Guess what? You can make an entire product page of your affiliates' products, and NEVER HAVE TO CREATE PRODUCTS. That's smart thinking.

2. Create Digital Products About Fitness

Pay close attention to this one. It's a HUGE market. You can create a digital product on ANY topic (intermittent fasting, dumbbell rows, meditation, etc), find a hosting site, and then sell it on your website. 

Let that sink in. After you post it on your website, you do NOTHING but promote it, and money rolls in. You don't even have to send the damn thing. The hosting site sends out your PDF automatically. Here is how I do this:

*Create product FREE on (for graphic and design work at a pro level, use and hire an outside designer, starts at $5)

*Upload to (10 bucks a month and WORTH IT)

*Place purchase button from ejunkie on your website

*Collect money in your sleep

3. Virtual Consulting

You can have clients all over the country and all over the world. Using Skype, webcams, calls and emails, it is possible to offer fitness and diet consulting to them. Why are you only working in your town? Get listed on fitness directories, purchase some banner ads or advertise on Craigslist, but get your name out there and start collecting fees. 

4. Create a Product Line

Your company has gotten popular, you have clients like crazy, why aren't you selling your own line of fitness products? Using Vistaprint, you can have anything branded. Use wholesale sites to find products that fit your company or venture such as 

For a GREAT branding company, try These guys have been in business for years and have thousands of branding options for your products. 

Well guys, thats it for this week. Hopefully you have gotten some new ideas to help generate income. Do me a favor and sign up for this blog in the upper right. I promise to always write awesome stuff to help you meet your goals. For further help, visit my life transformation site at 

Dr. Rob