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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3 People That Chased Their Dreams....And Caught Them

We all dream of it. The American dream of making it big and being able to never have to work for someone again. While many think that it is an impossible pursuit, I wanted to show that not only can financial independence be achieved, it can be done by people of all walks of life.

Anthony Cumia (Radio Personality)

Born in Long Island, Anthony Cumia was raised in a low income household and always had an interest in science and mechanics. He endured a very challenging childhood with parents that fought a lot and belittled him. He ended up dropping out of high school and became an air conditioning installer which ended up being long hours with low pay. 

Anthony caught his break when he and his brother recorded a parody song and sent it to a local radio station. It caught the ear of management and Greg "Opie" Hughes and history was made. Opie and Anthony had several shows in different stations over the next 20 years. Anthony's talent for voicework made him a radio star. His earning potential shot through the roof and he started earning multi-million dollar contracts. A very large house on Long Island followed that would host a swimming pool, home theater and home studio. 

After Anthony's firing in August 2014, he bounced back quickly and launched The Anthony Cumia Show from his home. Anthony is a stellar example that aptitude can create a good living. 

Josh Shipp (Teen Speaker)

Josh Shipp grew up as a foster child and made it through years of abuse and neglect. Despite these circumstances, he created an amazing empire helping teens get through their toughest challenges and has been featured in numerous media outlets. He speaks in high schools and teaches others how to be motivational speakers. 

These days, Josh has a family of his own and his company focuses on goal driven success for teens. Josh is the embodiment of persistence and giving back to society. 

Lewis Howes 

Lewis Howes was a semi pro athlete with a bright future ahead of him. Despite numerous obstacles in his childhood, he was on a path to an athletic career and became a two sport All American. He suffered an injury and was forced to rehabilitate at his sister's home. He gained weight and severe depression set in. Lewis made a life changing decision and started making friends on Linkedin. He amassed a social network of thousands and started organizing meet ups for sports executives, enthusiasts and athletes. He eventually started his own company and a few years later launched The School of Greatness. 

He is now a self made millionaire, interviews other successful millionaires and serves as a positive role model for fans of all ages.

All of you have the ability to make income off your strengths and talents. It doesn't matter where you come from, or your environment you grew up in. With hard work, good mentors, and the DESIRE TO WIN, you can truly accomplish anything. I hope to see you on an article like this one day. 

Remember one thing:

"It can be done."

Dr. Rob