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Friday, November 6, 2015

PhD and 7 Time Author Teaches How to Become Smarter TODAY

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I have spent the last 5 years exclusively studying high tier geniuses and top level performers. Navy SEALs, CEOs, millionaires, and entertainers. I have compiled habits and practices that WILL help you process info at a higher level and cut down on roadblocks.

Remember, intelligence is NOT necessarily degrees, it can be:

*having a very high aptitude at a skill

*using social engineering properly

*being a very creative problem solver

*having the ability to process information from multiple sources quickly

*matching the right person to the right solution

Remember, you are reading the writing of a man that failed out of high school and two colleges, and grew up in a family filled with drugs, crime and dysfunction. I should be washing dishes in a bowling alley right now. But I developed my potential. Through asymmetrical actions that were not the "typical" ways that people go through life.

Now that we have a better idea of what "smart” is, let’s get started. six of the fastest techniques to create the “perfect storm” of intelligence building are the following:

1.     Learn to Categorize and Rank Information
One of the most valuable time savers is learning to quickly judge how valuable information is. Whether it’s a website, an article or a resource, you should be able to scan it in 20 seconds and ask three things:

  1. Does this have SERIOUS value to my business/life?
  2. Can I use this information to help someone/monetize/advance?
  3. Is this something that will IMMEDIATELY impact my life in a good way?

If you cannot answer yes to all three, TOSS IT and move on. If you can, bookmark it for later.

2.     Leverage Valuable People by Social Engineering
We cannot succeed at our endeavors alone. The faster you realize how important social engineering is, the faster you will advance in your goals. As a child, I had to do my own laundry since about 13. I left home at 18, and had to figure everything out on my own. Asking for help was NOT one of my strong points and I paid by taking much longer at projects and advancing as an adult.

Learn right away to spot value adders and offer a 3:1 ROI if you need something from them (you give 3 times more than you ask for)

*Influencers - people that have HIGH social value or lots of friends

*Mentors - people that are where you want to be in 5 years

*High Analyticals - These are people that can listen to your issue, filter out all unnecessary details and give a solution devoid of fluff, emotion, or wasted time.

3.     Healthy Use of Legal Neutropics
Neutropics are safe, natural drugs that are the next generation of cognitive enhancement. They are not prescription level or addictive like pain drugs. They literally use natural ingredients to help your brain process information faster and reduce “brain fog.”
I personally use a stack of Alphabrain and Strive from Nootrobox. Add a tiny amount of Starbucks Americano and some form of intense cardio in the morning and you would be shocked how fast your work improves. In fact I got so effective on these drugs, that I started selling them on my website. The results speak for themselves:

  1. 8 mile beach runs from reverse engineering running techniques
  2. My last book took 6 hours to write from beginning to end (publishing)
  3. A buddy asked for an outline on a 12 page paper covering gun control. I had it done in 9 minutes.

I am not a medical doctor. I make no claims as to how well these will augment your abilities. I just know that I am a high performer and this is one of the routines that has consistently delivered.

When I am using the same techniques as Silicon Valley millionaires and CEOs, (I myself am a dual CEO currently) then I know I am doing something right. This is a great article on neutropics with cited study:

To get started with these amazing brain boosting products and get an immediate discount, click here:

4.     Implement Music as an Auditory Enhancer
You can create an "advanced mental laboratory" simply from listening to music in the background when working on projects. I used classical music as a backdrop for high end research. You can use Youtube or Pandora (my personal favorite is Mahler’s 2nd, plus it’s over an hour long)

Studies have shown that classical music can improve student performance:

Study on listening to music and academia:

Finding your musical “sweet spot” will help you create a mental laboratory in which you will process info faster, do higher level searches of information and write with better vocabulary/higher tier concepts.

5.     Use the 80/20 Principle to Maximize Your Doctoral Process
The 80/20 principle is crucial for cutting time wasters and keeping only the most valuable resources in your life. For our intent today, it means this: 20% of people and resources will create 80% of your total value. You have a huge amount of resources in your day to day life. Assigning value to your top ones will save you time. Here are my best resources to fast track your progress at anything using the 80/20:

1. Purge the whiners and complainers. You know who they are. They criticize everything you do, blame everyone else for their issues and should have a giant "V" stamped on their forehead because there's a crisis every week that they desperately need sympathy for.

2. On the other hand, when you find a person that is a human gold nugget, get involved in their life, support their endeavors and offer help if they need it. They will reward you with referrals, invites, top notch advice, and more. Investment in human capital yields huge results.

6.     Limitless Advantage
The most important thing I have personally done to advance my own cognitive abilities is to buy the book Limitless.
Oh yeah, writing a book is just like this. Literally flies off the fingers

Yes, you read that right. You may have seen the movie and it is great to promote the concept of the "super pill" that creates a four digit IQ, but the book teaches you how geniuses think.

The movie is stellar as a glimpse of rapid life advancement and what we can become, but the book will literally show you how a high level thinker approaches social engineering, information gathering, gaining personal confidence, and the process of doing things at the highest possible level of application.

That last section is huge. It means that there are multiple ways of creating solutions to any problem but imagine being able to always pick the best and most productive one.

THAT is the beauty and power of this book. You can get it here:

In summary, these are my best tips. I want to thank you for reading this. If you feel like this article provided you with value, do me a HUGE favor and share it. Hope to hear from you soon, Dr. Rob
If you have high level tips that made you smarter, send them to me!

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