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Friday, April 17, 2015

(Education) How to Find FREE Technical Training in Los Angeles

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My buddy Steve Simeone, who is an awesome comedian (, not to mention an amazing guy, got me thinking the other day. There are SO many people struggling in the entertainment industry, who are trying to become actors and actresses, comedians, etc.....

They are in a weird holding pattern, waiting for their big break but cant commit to college due to time or cost.

So why not help them out? I compiled a list of all the apprenticeships, paid tech training, and free education in LA county plus a few searchable databases. Tech jobs pay a lot better than waiting tables or doing service industry stuff and can create that safety net financially while you are chasing your dreams. Some of these even start paying you WHILE you are in school. Take some time, take notes and search these programs, you might find the PERFECT training for a much better day job.

1. List of apprenticeships in Los Angeles:

2. LA Trade-Technical College Apprenticeship

3. Electrician Apprenticeship LA

4. LA Water District Apprentice

5. List of Apprenticeships LA

6. Career Technical Education

7. Federal Database of Apprenticeships in LA

8. Free Technical College Programs LA

9. California Apprenticeships

Email me if you have questions or need help doing a search in your zip code. - Dr. Rob

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