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Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 Mental Concepts That Will Help You Beat Fear and Crush ANY Goal..............

Greetings Blue Dragon Blog readers!!

This article will cover techniques that will help you to conquer any goal you are trying to reach. We all have accomplishments that we would like to do, such as writing a book, applying to a better job, starting a company and so forth................but we don't always move forward.

This is where my industry comes in (life coaching). I get paid to move people past their roadblocks, mental snags, and fear. Too often, we psyche ourselves out BEFORE WE EVEN TRY. Why is this? Why do we hesitate? Here are a few reasons:

Self intimidation

Fear of what others will say or think of us

Fear of humiliation


Low self perception

These reasons are all terrifying, intimidating, and too often, effective at shutting down our dreams. A coworker can say something like, "You shouldn't even try to paint, everyone knows most artists are poor and never make it."

A relative can say, "You shouldn't even try to be an engineer, you are not smart enough."

Why do people say stupid things like this?

Because they are insecure, and ARE INTIMIDATED BY STRONG GOALS.

In order to be truly successful, you must embrace the following concepts and make them a part of your everyday habits.

1. Stop Caring About What Others Think

I know this one seems counter intuitive, especially from a life coach, but it's true. 99% of people will react to your decisions with scorn, stupidity, or outright negativity. You don't need this. They do not pay your bills, contribute to your success, or help you in any meaningful way. Get their opinion when you are in newspapers, when you are on TV, when you have paid off a relative's house in cash. You have no need for their stupid advice. Only your chosen mentors should guide you. 

2. Dream Big

In order to constantly improve yourself, its not enough to just reach your goals, you should strive to create YOUR OWN INDUSTRY at your chosen goal. I don't just life coach, I write books, give fitness training, write seminars, speak in schools, etc. I don't view myself as an average person that wastes a full day watching Sunday or drinking at the beach all day. I imagine a powerful, life changing, dynamic person that will change the lives of thousands. This is the mental imagery you need of yourself in your endeavors. 

3. You ARE 500% Better Than You Think at ANYTHING

We carry around a lot of self doubt. Its easier to mentally walk away from challenges than to try and wrap our minds around things. You have a LOT more potential to learn than you have ever imagined. The two things you need to learn new concepts are a frame of reference and a good teacher/lesson. 
Calculus scares the shit out of people because they are terrified of feeling stupid. Know what I'm terrified of? NOT TRYING. 

Take a minute and look at this graphic. You know that as water is pouring into the bucket over time, the volume will rise. You can see that the flow is erratic because its coming out of a faucet in different amounts. 

The top chart represents water flow from the faucet. The bottom chart shows the volume of liquid in the bucket. (diagram from

Guess what? You just got a calculus lesson from a guy that COULDNT PASS PRE ALGEBRA IN HIGH SCHOOL. (failed three times) If you look at this and understand it, what else can you learn? What else can you teach yourself? The reason that my own attitude changed was because I became an expert at self learning. I discovered that my chances of academic success greatly improved with my own attitude and aggressive take on studying/learning. 

Don't be scared of how great you can be. Steve Wampler scaled El Capitan in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. Dick Hoyt has competed in over a thousand marathons, carrying his son, Richard, or pushing him in his wheelchair. Richard is a spastic quadriplegic which means almost zero muscle function. 

The reason that guys like Steve and Richard can succeed at their goals is simply that they believe in themselves. Its that simple. They accept the abilities that they have and they train, practice, and augment their willpower until it is time to act. 

Guys, stop being scared. If you have an unrealized goal or dream, START IT TODAY. If you need help developing it, email me. This is what I do and I'm pretty damn good at it. 

Why? Because I choose to be. 

4. Perspective is Subjective

How you view yourself will be the number one reason you succeed or fail. This is an absolute truth. If you're going on a date, and you wear an average outfit, old shoes, and don't make any effort to make good conversation, how do you think you'll feel? How do you think OTHERS will feel towards you? 

No matter what your endeavor, you have to consistently believe in your abilities. You CANNOT think of yourself as ordinary. It simply does not work. 

If you are a real estate agent, BE THE BEST ONE IN THE INDUSTRY. If you are going to be a professor, be the one that sets the standard for the school. Think of yourself like that everyday. 

Here are two images. When you think of yourself, who do you imagine?

You don't have to ask which one I imagine myself as. You already know. 

5. Visualize Success Only

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. The mental toughness you can create will carry you through anything. You just have to use it properly. Truly successful people use visualizations to "guide" their actions to victory. 

Can you imagine the Mission Commander of the Space Shuttle saying, "Gee guys, I hope this mission works. I hope we are mostly successful."

Yet too many people have this lackadaisical approach to their goals. You must be aggressive, smart, and use your resources properly. Don't try and write a book, start an empire, don't be a mechanic, own the garage. Your own visualizations will keep you motivated, and will carry you through the tough times. If you are going to school, visualize graduation, a great job, and success. 

Do not ever give in to negative thoughts, fear, or perceived failure. You never truly fail until you quit or die. There is always fight in you. The secret is to conjure it up. 

Well guys, that's it for this week. I truly believe that these concepts have gotten me through the hardest challenges I have had in life. Embrace them and watch your success rates shoot WAY WAY up. 

I believe in you. 


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