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Monday, March 30, 2015

3 Ways to Create an $80,000 Job..............No, Really

Greetings Blue Dragon Army!!! 

This is a high end post. The kind that is specially reserved for people that are ready to sweat a little for the potential payoff of a HUGE salary. I guarantee, if you are legitimately success minded, can invest 2 weeks of complete focus into one of these methods, and are willing to do ANYTHING for your financial success, read on. 

Ok, cool. There are like 4 of you left. That's what happens when you mention real work.It has a funny way of weeding out the lazy. Without any further ado, here are three possible pathways to your success:

1. Start your own school

The federal government is giving away 2-5 million dollar grants to start vocational apprenticeship programs. You just need a partnership with a local business, a local school, and to fill out a long application and watch a video. As the director of this school, you can create your own salary as long as it is comparable to similar program salaries. This usually means 80-120k to run the show. Here is the link:

If you need a PhD consultant thats an expert at technical careers, Im available for hire. 

2. Create a digital publishing empire

Shane and Jocelyn Sams were teachers in Kentucky that heard a random podcast by Pat Flynn on making online income. They gave it a try, created a few digital products and put them online. 

Their monthly income is now over $100,000. MONTHLY. Their process is laid out here and easy to follow. They give their methods away and are really nice.

If you guys need help creating a digital product, I can help you through the entire process, help you write it, even get you a cover designer and help advertise it for a small fee. Contact me for details. I have now written four and they aren't that hard. 

3. Become a highly paid technical specialist

People that learn a rare skill can command high salaries because they are hard to come by. Programming and network specialist are two great fields and guess what? THE TRAINING IS FREE. Here are two ways to learn a high paying skill. (San Diego Based)

There you have it guys, three ways to create a much higher standard of life. See you at the Porsche dealership!!

Dr. Rob

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