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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Four Actions For Your Success in 2015.......................

It is that time of year again. The time when we make resolutions, promise ourselves that we will change and improve, and then give up around February. Why do we do this to ourselves, why are we consumed with improvement, yet don't have the discipline to maintain a healthy, productive life?

The answer is because we don't create LONG TERM habits, we create quick fixes that are not effective. Essentially, New Year's resolutions are like using a bucket to drain a lake.

I have been beach running now for about 8 years. I started off doing it after a relationship ended. I could barely do half a mile. I have regularly ran between 8-30 miles a week, but the point is, I kept it in my life. Why?

*time to think about life actions and options
*ability to cut 7 pounds in an hour
*clothes fit better
*builds both physical and mental stamina
*toughens you up for life's roadblocks
*amazing sunrises (I go at 5am)
*feel invincible after a 12 miler

By doing this, I created a chain reaction that fast tracks my life in other areas.

Beach run/creates self confidence/increases body fitness/amazing rush/increased charisma with others/feelings of strong leadership "alpha".

Now I am going to give you four actions that if followed, will help you to break the cycle of short resolutions, and keep a pattern of success actively working ALL YEAR ROUND.

1. View Food Differently

If you need a guide to eating better, my Skinny Dragon Diet Plan is available for free. It has helped a lot of people. The worst things you can put in your body during the week are:

chocolate/sugar candy
fast food
frozen food
breakfast bread products (bagels/toast/cereal)

If you can cut down on these or just move them to once a week, your body will start working with you and being more efficient. Why? Because you aren't poisoning it anymore. The human body was not made to consume flour.


Yes, it is that important. Feel free to Google the effects of flour on the body if you don't believe me.

Now, if you need ideas of what to eat during the week that will help you shape and build muscle:

cottage cheese
white cheese
protein shakes
fish (salmon/shrimp/talapia)
boneless skinless chicken breast

grass fed butter
green olives
olive oil

Complex Carbs:
brown rice
wheat germ

Use these foods and throw in some water based vegetables (squash, tomato, cucumber, celery) and you will be off to a better start. Buy a portable food cooler and a set of tupperware and start making your week's food Sunday night. Soak beans, chop up veggies, cook some meat. When Monday rolls around, you'll be in a better place to eat like a champion.

2. Exercise Three Times a Week

This is a tough one to begin but a fun one to maintain. Choose an activity:
Home Workout (jumping jacks, situps, pushups, side bends, squats)

Do this three times a week, 45 minutes minimum. Do NOT make excuses and cite your life situation. If you have a newborn, get him or her in a stroller and do a brisk walk in the evening. If you hate running, design a home workout or Youtube home workouts for ideas.


3. Get Some Side (Income)

A great way to ring in a new year is to make money by DOING ALMOST NOTHING.
Invest in a new stock or option:

One tactic is to look at what is going on. Lowest gas prices in years? You know it won't last, invest in an energy index. When cost of oil barrels go up, share prices for energy stocks go up.

Drones were legalized by the FAA this year. Invest in a drone company that is publicly traded. Demand equals sales equals higher profits equals higher stock prices.

Create a how to video, or write a short book and sell it. Information is a sell-able commodity. Are you really good at something? An expert in a field or topic? Create a product and sell it to others. I do it all the time. Market it on Linked In or Facebook. Need help creating it? Email me at

4. Create a Network

This might be the most important one for your success in 2015. Find a group of like minded people and HELP THEM. My network includes a talented graphic artist, a music composer, an engineer that does comedy, a comic strip-drawing podcaster, a merchandising expert, and two fitness guys that are VERY knowledgeable. Any time that these people need my help, advice, or life coaching, I give it to them for free. Why? Because they do the same for me.

Your network is pivotal for your success. Each person you know well is a potential source of other powerful social contacts, potential clients, friends, and possibly income. Find networking friends off of, Facebook, Linkedin, and other group sites.

Well guys, this is it. I hope that you are inspired to take chances, do something great, build a powerful body, or get involved in people's lives. Remember, I am always here for you.

Dr. Rob

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