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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fast Track Your Life to Success

I sat here after giving up an entire weekend to write seminars. Everyone else was out at the fair or having fun. I was writing business strategies and listening to Fiona Apple with a lemon chiffon candle lit. Not cool, bro.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a gift, the top five practices I have adopted that have opened up a lot of doors in my life. If you are like me, you want your success fast. Well, baby, this will be quicker than a Lindsay Lohan arrest on a Friday night. I cant guarantee these work because everyone has different variables, but Ill apply a fishing analogy. These wont guarantee you a catch, but they WILL give you a bigger net.

1. Use information

You have access to the entire collected works of intelligence for the history of mankind. For Gods sake, self educate. Watch TED talks from celebrities and CEOs, google something new, or read about a topic you have always been interested in. The more you learn, the better conversations you will have, the more you will observe, and you will grow mentally as a person. Stop worrying what athlete Kim Kardashian is dating this week and start learning about how to create a business, or start an empire. Or just go to one of my seminars.

2. Networking will provide EVERYTHING

Talk to everyone you know, and remember that everyone wants something and can offer something. A 30 second conversation can create a new friendship, a romance, an asset, or new resources. Pay attention to the small details of their life and when you see them again, remember their name. As I read in the book "What I Learned in Wharton Business School", assume best friendship. If you go to strangers and have conversations like you have known them for years, you will project happiness, friendship and charisma. This really works. Always have a business card with you and ask people about their goals.

People love talking about themselves and they ALL love a good listener. Read Win Friends and Influence People. Its the best book I have ever read for networking.

If you need an example, watch I Love You Man, and look at the things Sydney does. Hes pretty awesome. If you are a girl, watch Something About Mary, and realize that every guy wants her because she would be a great best friend.

3. Emulate someone great

Find someone that has achieved what you want to do, or someone that you can imitate to find your own greatness. I study Napolean. He was a tremendous leader, a complete megalomaniac, and is a great lesson as to what happens when arrogance takes over humility. Any person that is not ready to accept their success will fail when it arrives. Make sure that you choose good role models and people that have lives that you would want.

4. Create determination of self

A French General said of Napolean, "Promote this man or he will promote himself." Successful, bold people dont wait for the actions of others or life to occur. Think about who you want to be and apply all resources and thinking to get there. I want you to think about this:

Your body type, level of fitness and appearance are a direct result of your choice of what goes in your mouth.

Your income is a direct result of where you chose to work and what passive income you created.

Your relationship is a direct result of who you chose to be in your life.

Your living quarters are a direct result of where you chose and signed paperwork to live.

Since you control your appearance, your income, your job, your relationship, and where you live, shouldnt you have the life of your dreams? Or are you sitting back hoping something good happens?

Determine who you want to be and what you want to achieve. My friend Toms wife once said, "We create our worlds." She was right. Stop complaining about things. You caused them. So cause them to be GOOD.

Imagine a better you. How would they be? Popular? Funny? Attractive?

My best me, is  a PhD living in 1010 Oceanside with a STUNNING girl with a career thats fit and hilarious. Ill have a Porsche Boxster, a G-37 and teach people how to get the lives they dream of.

It can be done.

5. Get fit today.

Exercise and diet will make you feel GOOD. Start running, walking, skateboarding, but GET OUT OF THE HOUSE>

Get tupperware and plan your meals everyday. Eat ONLY the following:
apples, unsalted almonds, white cheese, veggies, fruits, coffee, brown rice, red potatoes, chicken, tuna, and small amounts of pork. Remember that fast food is poison and ANY frozen food is filled with preservatives and sodium. Sundays eat what you want.

If you follow this diet, in two weeks, Ketosis will occur and your liver will start eating fat from the inside. You will get noticeably smaller and if you are running or exercising regularly, you will start to tone. This needs to be followed regularly and it will become a routine. It works. I have been in a shape that makes me happy for two years. I'm not perfect but I'm satisfied, and thats a lot better than most people.

Go to and you can make any youtube song an mp3 for your Ipod. The day I found this out, 500 90s dance songs magically appeared in a running mix called WORK IT GIRL on my Ipod.

Go to Katrina is a personal friend and started this company on a whim. When you see the pictures of models youll be inspired to live better. Ive met many of them and they are really nice. Plus, Katrina is hot, funny, and sweet.

There you have it. Your guide to the life you want. Use it and amaze yourself. You deserve it.

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