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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Did you become who you should have been?

Ive spent a lot of time lately thinking about innate abilities, the powers that we have that lie dormant. There are two movies that really capture this concept and adequately capture the key points.

Phenomenon- John Travolta is a simplistic mechanic in a small town that gets hit by a ball of light. He gradually realizes that he is getting smarter at an exponential rate. He starts learning new languages, understanding big picture concepts, playing chess, and can see solutions to problems that perplex others. He eventually starts studying engineering and science and gains a symbiosis with the Earth.

Limitless- Bradley Cooper is an unemployed writer that has been trying for a year to finish a novel. His fiance leaves him and he ends up taking a pill that unlocks cerebral receptors and turns him into a hyper genius. He starts exercising, remembering everything he has ever read, and exudes a much higher degree of confidence. He uses his abilities to make some money in the stock market and gets a high paying job on Wall Street.

Both of these movies should be watched by anyone that wants to evolve. To take the next step. You dont need a flash of light or a pill to help develop what may be a very valuable, and in some cases, wealth creating talent.

Our innate abilities can be hidden, or they can come to light from repetitive practice. Some people, like Beethoven, develop them very early,  and go on to improve and amaze the world.

Others will find their gifts later on. Ive been very fortunate to meet and associate with about 6 people that have developed their abilities to another level. I have learned from them quite a bit.

Im going to do something today that will show you how to develop them into a marketable skill. I just thought of this today. Im going to take three people and show you how their experiences and interests have been manipulated into career creating empires.

Joe Mendes
Hobby: Working out
Interest: Social Events
Job:Gym Director
Attributes: Fashionable, Knowledgeable on high end luxury items, Philosophical, Exceedingly confident

Rob Garcia
Hobby: Skating
Interest:Reading and disseminating info
Attributes: Determined, Voracious Reader, Former Teacher, Perceptive

Katrina Lucero
Hobby: Fitness
Interest: Leading a Team
Job: CEO
Attributes: Well developed comprehension of big picture concepts, ability to conceptualize, Charismatic, Genius IQ

End Result of cultivation of talents:

Joe has an amazing job as a director in an industry he loves. He has an amazing social life and scores of beautiful people flock to him. He is immensely happy and isnt even 30 yet.

Rob owns a skate company, has 12 people that work with him in the development of his projects for FREE because of what he can offer. He released a book for teens that discusses the attributes he developed to survive. He will start seminars soon.

Katrina owns Fitness Inked, an online fitness magazine that celebrates the tattoed and modified fitness community. She has received over 30,000 hits in three months.

By developing their personalities, experiences, and what they love doing, all three examples have gone on to create the lives they desire. Innate abilities can be something as simple as playing an instrument or being a good cook, but it can also have other potential as well. What is interesting to note, is that all three subjects mentioned are all engineers.

Social Engineers.

All three found their greatest success by making others want to be around them. They developed a polarizing presence, the innate ability to attract.

Hang out with Joe and he will make you reflect on the way your life is and show you a whole new perspective on all subjects. Hes observant and fun.

Hang out with Rob, and he will figure you out in six questions, and tell you the best possible course for your life. This is pretty amazing when you realize that he figured this out by reading Sherlock Holmes book and listening to Win Friends and Influence People. He literally went from getting 2 texts a day to about 55 a day in the period of two months, solely from the skills he taught himself.

Be around Katrina and she will make you laugh, captivate the room, and lead from the front.

So what are YOUR gifts? What do people ask you to help them with?

Think about it. And if you need help, email me.

Till next time.


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