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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wisdom of the Dragon May 2012

I did it.

I walked out of my job three weeks ago. See the Roy Fokker Veritech with retractable wings I'm holding? This was the only thing I had in my cube to remind me of my creativity and soul while in a windowless cube 11-14 hours a day for no benefits and no vacation time. My bosses even made a former Marine take down his USMC poster.

A funny thing happens when you liberate yourself from an oppressor. You get your powers back. All your dreams and abilities return with a vengeance. In 14 days, i accomplished the following:

1. Got a five year 4 subject teaching credential that lets me teach Engineering at high schools.

2. Paid a down payment on my new school, Blue Dragon Academy. I have no curriculum, projects, students, or even a freaking  key to the place yet. And we open June 10th.

3. Interviewed for 2 jobs that pay QUITE well compared to my old job.

4. Got 95% complete on Teen Juggernaut, my next book.

5. Became VP of a car import company.......that i created from the ground up.

6. Put out a Craigslist ad and nabbed 7-14 interns.

7. Got an Executive Assistant.

8. Got a story in the March Air Reserve Base Paper to be published soon.

9. Got an opportunity to be in the news in the next few weeks.

10. Got affliated with MakerPlace. A factory where I can make my own t shirts, engrave anything, create robotics, and intermingle with genuises.

11. Got my new line of Boonie Hats done.

12. Connected with a homeless vets shelter in Alabama. We are going to start donating food to them. I have an operative on the ground, that is ready to start missions.

I did all this in 14 days after being free and left alone. Management doesnt think Im smart enough to get hired, but thats ok. I dont need anyones approval or validation anymore. Im going to OWN my life and make stuff happen.

You are capable of anything you can dream of if you just learn to self educate, give people more than they ask for, and set BIG GOALS. The money will follow. See you in the winner's circle.

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