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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best work memo ever

There was once a military unit that was created by chance. This unit was an all volunteer regiment. Their leader was well read, and disciplined. He selected volunteer candidates based upon enthusiasm and skill. They were different from mainstream units, because they remained mobile, fast, and deadly. They could finish any operation in record time and with optimal results.

            They won nearly every small scale skirmish they encountered and won their campaign sized battles through the use of strategy, planning, and emphasizing each others strengths. Anyone that dared cross their path was dealt with swiftly and with zero remorse. The mission always came first and this team was devoted. If they were needed, one simply requested help, and operatives would be dispatched with full speed to give assistance.

            Their leader realized that once he had his initial team, that any additional members would only slow them down or cause problems, so he kept it at a manageable size. He focused on training, teamwork, and building rapport among the troops. He led by example, and sacrificed his basic comforts to make sure that the team had decent field conditions. He gave up sleep to read about strategies. He trained in the field obsessively and led from the front. Once his troops realized his nearly fanatical devotion to them, they started bonding as more of a cohesive family, not an impersonal group. They knew their leader's goals, and came up with solutions before he could ask them to do it. They studied on their own time, and developed mentally and physically. They turned to each other for strength and guidance when things were tough.

            Their leader was grateful for the privilege of command, and made a point of training them to be the best light operational unit known to man. They took a sense of pride in belonging to an elite unit that few could enter, and they started to become the thing that legends are created from. They brought their leader solutions, not complaints, or griping when things were strenuous.

            Their leader knew that they needed an organizational name because they were becoming well known. A name that would strike absolute fear in the hearts of their enemies, and elation to their allies. The very thought of this group brought a mental picture of professional warriors, crafted by training, experience, and a resilient attitude that displayed confidence and the unyielding resolve to win. They could not be beaten, bought, negotiated with, or overrun.

So their leader named them the Blue Dragon Army.

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