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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The last diet advice you will ever need..........

I have been giving a lot of advice lately.

How do i motivate my kid to study harder?
How do i lose weight?
How do i attract more dates?
How do i make money?
How do i grow my business?
How do i calculate voltage drops across a series parallel circuit?
Im in a city 1300 miles away, can you get me a job?

This is in the last two weeks. I realize now that my gift in life is to direct, counsel, and teach. I am a speedreader. I can go through a book at a ridiculous rate and i read five sources of information every day. Chances are, if you need something, I can pull out the answer. The highest amount of questions involve weight, so here you go:

There are several goals for people that want to alter your weight. Either just to lose some quickly or to tone and maintain muscle. They require different battle plans. Both of these I have tested and both work. I have been a lean 195, and am now a muscular 225. Here are two takes:

1. Promise yourself you will absolutely commit for one month minimum. Write a small contract with terms, date it, and sign it.
2. Buy tupperware. You need portion control. Get a cooler. You are going to start taking your lunch to work everyday plus you will save money.
3. You must start some type of walking/running/sport that you can do four times a week. YOU NEED TO SWEAT.
4. You will eat 4-5 times a day but much smaller portions. Have as much salad and tuna as you want. Water based soups are ok too.
5. You MUST give up flour completely. No exceptions. I know its a little weird, but you can even have fast food if you must, just throw away the buns.
6. One soda a month, IF THAT. Just drink water, or small quantities of juice. Powerade and Gatorade have less sugar than straight apple juice or cranberry.
7. Make a chart to gauge your progress. Weigh yourself every friday and write it down.

If you can maintain with NO cheating, you will see results. I challenge you to follow these steps exactly and tell me that you don't lose a minimum of 10 pounds after a month.

Plan 2: MAINTAIN MUSCULAR TONE (not bodybuilder tone, but lean muscle tone)
1. Induce ketosis by eating the list of foods found on my previous entry on this blog. Give up flour completely at first.
2. Get a gym membership and do medium weights for your level of comfort. Better to do high amounts of sets than max out. You want lean, supple muscle, not bulky, bodybuilder muscle for this plan.
3. Try to get three sessions of 30+ minutes of cardio a week. If you can, combine gym, THEN cardio, the weights are a great warmup.
4. Eat five small meals a day and portion out your foods. Your main diet should be natural, non processed foods. Almonds, apples, white cheese, coffee, tuna, pork chops.
5. Get a caffeine based supplement. The energy boost will help during workouts.

Remember guys:
1. Being obese is a choice a person makes for whatever reason, if you chose to eat wrong and gain weight, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO EAT RIGHT AND LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT.

2. A little altering of your foods can have HUGE results.

3. If you live in SD and need a running partner, call me.

4. I have been heavy or chubby for the majority of my adult life. When i figured out this plan and maintained a certain look and weight, my confidence tripled and i started realizing some serious successes. I want to see that for you.

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