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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Would you padlock the Space Shuttle?

Welcome Blue Dragon Army,
I want to discuss the REAL 1% of this nation. Not those whiny, trust fund protesters that will follow the whims of others without having an objective, a stated goal, or direction.

I'm talking about "silent geniuses".

What's a silent genius?

I am meeting more and more of them and their stories scare the hell out of me. They usually have the following in common:

1. Perform horribly in school and many fail out.

2. Perceived as stupid or lazy by others. This is a misnomer- they are bored.

3. Usually do not have a good role model in their life to guide and support them in their greatest time of need.

4. Have talents and abilities that dwarf those around them. Sometimes they are aware and sometimes they aren't. It's about 50/50.

5. Do not feel that formal education challenges them or that they belong there. Some are kinesthetic learners that REQUIRE movement and active participation in order to learn and achieve.

My friend Kelly summed it up best. Her story was fascinating. Started at a low position with a power company. Worked around lawyers and professionals and started learning more about paperwork and company procedures than anyone. Started getting promoted. OFTEN. Today Kelly is a program manager with 30 people under her. She is also a mom of 3 and is writing a book. She obtained a Master's degree and is going to pursue a PhD. She admits that she has OCD and some mental peculiarities but that they have helped her. She said something that struck me as interesting- "The company sent me a to a psychiatrist. Apparently, I know more than everyone around me, work circles around the execs, and keep getting me promoted because Im a hard worker, AND THEY WANT TO MEDICATE ME?"

How many Einsteins, Edisons, and Jobs are out there that simply need someone to pay attention to them, and guide them to the right path? How many kid are sitting quietly alone, hating the world and their lives because they are misunderstood or ignored?

It makes me angry. VERY angry. And I'm going to do something about it.

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