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Sunday, May 1, 2011

You CAN make a difference. Get involved in a Blue Dragon Project!!

Happy Sunday Blue Dragon Army!!

As I sit here at my desk working yet another revision of my dissertation, I have had a great weekend of creativity. I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of Blue Dragon and as we get closer to official launch (June 20th), I am very excited at the things we will accomplish.

This is why I need YOU. I have several open projects that could use creative writers, donors of products or money, and new ideas. Here is what is currently being worked on:

Blue Dragon Store- Ever wanted to sell to a large market? Got a product that fits in with Blue Dragon's three goals (end childhood obesity, help low income kids go to college, and help wounded vets) ? Ill stock your product in the online store and help you with shipping or anything else. I have a potential market of over 80,000 people and once we launch, your product could get some SERIOUS exposure.

Teenage Juggernaut- I am writing a book for teens to find their successes and have a plan BEFORE they graduate high school. This book will cover self esteem, business creation, money management, and making better choices in a recession economy as a young person. I am open to chapter suggestions, ideas, and useful websites to help teens.

Blue Dragon Wealth Building Series- Do you have a great idea for saving money? Have you figured out a good way to generate income? Are you good with money and have useful websites to share? I'm looking for your tips or even a chapter for my upcoming DVD series.

Remember that your help, ideas, donations, and support go to help low income kids go to college, and wounded vets. I wouldnt have it any other way.

Change The World.