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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Tao of Weight Loss and Management

Just wanted to put down a few words of encouragement. First of all, thank you for trusting me enough to try my program. I found very good results from this. But I had to get serious first. Being serious means:

*Saying NO to coworkers that will bring doughnuts or white flour garbage desserts (There's a reason these people are in the 250 club).

*Sticking to an exercise routine that works for you. Make sure you do weights AND the cardio AND the floorwork (Build muscle, increases endurance and starts your day).

*Telling yourself that you are a work in progress and you are creating a more powerful, more intense and attractive you, with the determination of the Terminator.

*Stick out the first 10-12 days with an IRON will. If you get discouraged, call me. Ill even come to your house in the evenings and put you through the paces with me if you want. And I have awesome workout cds.

*Remember, you are NOT eliminating carbs, you are inducing ketosis through the COMPLETE elimination of white flour and excess sugar. I don't care if you have a few wheat crackers, but for the first 10-12 days, i would suggest NOTHING with flour.

*Here are some suggested ideas that worked for me:

1. cheese wrapped in turkey or ham

2. tuna melt on wheat bread

3. tomato caprese (tomato slices, white cheese, italian)

4. dried seaweed (vietnamese store)

5. pork chops

6. popcorn

7. apples and oranges (dollar store)

Gwen and I had a great talk. She asked about Lean Cuisines which I said NO. The portions are small and you do NOT want any processed foods!! NONE!! No Lean Cuisines, no Hot Pockets, Nothing in a box or a can. Eat fresh fruits and meats that you cook yourself. You dont have to be miserable, just change things around a bit.

Good luck guys. Ill be checking in on the 14th of January. I'm very proud of you all for trying. Give me some good news.

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