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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exercise and Diet Chart

Dietary and Exercise Checklist


Weight Day 1__________ (be honest)

Mark these off as you accomplish them:

Home Training Session 1

Home Training Session 2

Home Training Session 3

Home Training Session 4

Home Training Session 5

Weight Training Session 1

Weight Training Session 2

Weight Training Session 3

Aerobic Activity 1

Aerobic Activity 2

Aerobic Activity 3

Weight Day 7__________

Weekly Review

  1. Did you avoid white flour like the cast of Jersey Shore avoids libraries?

  1. Did you push yourself to meet your exercise goals? If you crossed off 7 out of 11, you are off to a good start. I’m super proud of you. Most people would quit.

  1. Did you get Tupperware and actually use it?

  1. Did you eat five small meals a day?

  1. Did your weight drop slightly?

If you messed up or couldn’t answer yes to all the questions, just highlight the one you are going to work on, and repeat. Remember, if you used this checklist, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH.

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